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October 25, 2021, 09:36:44 AM

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 : Today at 08:09:27 AM 
titoli - titoli
I had read of this before: that it actually was a real skeleton from a family in Spain, and a female skeleton.

And I've seen that YouTube video before.

Do I have to remove this post?

 : Today at 08:05:07 AM 
titoli - titoli
Everybody here knows Parkinson's interview so I won't bother with it. But this show from 1972  has just been posted:

and OUTW doesn't make it in his favourite two.

 : Today at 07:42:57 AM 
titoli - Cusser
I had read of this before: that it actually was a real skeleton from a family in Spain, and a female skeleton.

And I've seen that YouTube video before.

 : Today at 01:00:27 AM 
uncknown - uncknown
Never saw that title used for the film


 : Yesterday at 07:38:20 PM 
drinkanddestroy - drinkanddestroy

I'm watching the Pastoral again now cuz I'm gearing up for the show tonight at Carnegie Hall (DJ ditching me yet again)

So Matinee Dave ditched me again Wednesday night as expected; I instead went to Carnegie Hall with Miss Upper West Side (#JustAFriend).

Fucking Carnegie Hall makes you show proof of vaccination AND wear a mask. I did the former, I absolutely did not do the latter, to the chagrin of the lame-asses who sat near me. I took double the pleasure in making the losers squirm.

Also, due to Covid, there's no intermission. I think they don;'t want people congregating. Don't drink before the show. Cuz you ain't pissing till it's over.

We sat three rows from the front of the balcony, dead center. Lately I am really enjoying Carnegie Hall balcony (the very top level - Level #5). The balcony overhangs the other levels, so if you get one of the front rows of the balcony you actually are not that far back, and you can see the entire orchestra. When I always used to sit in the floor, I could never see the wind instruments. Only problem is there ain't much leg room in the balcony.

The program was Beethoven's 4th & 6th Symphonies with The Philadelphia Orchestra conducted by Yannick N?zet-S?guin continuing its program of  afull cycle of Beethoven's symphonies, in a belated 250th birthday (which was actually in 2020, postponed due to Covid).
The 4th isn't on any list of greatest symphonies, I always thought it was kind of jokey and was never much into it, but to tell the truth, it wasn't a terrible opener. I was able to enjoy it.

At the previous show, as I mentioned, Yannick had to play some piece about global fucking warming, supposedly inspired by Beethoven, and gave this speech about how we play Beethoven but we also gotta play the contemporaries with their social justice shit. The show last week was  (gasp!) only Beethoven, but Yannick had to take the microphone and speak apologetically about only playing Beethoven and assure us that he would in fact play other pieces at future Beethoven shows, and assure us that the Pastoral was in fact about social justice. I made my displeasure with his speech plainly known to everyone in my section. Now Miss Upper West Side was squirming.

Anyway, we finally got to the Pastoral, and it's one of the greatest versions I've ever heard. Particularly, I like the third movement played very quickly; and I think this was the quickest I'd heard it. It was an amazing performance.

Oh, I gotta mention something else about Yannick: He walks onto the stage with a mask. Takes it off for the show. Then puts it back on as he walks off the stage. Then comes back on for his standing ovation, and takes it back off. So I guess he can't catch Covid while on stage, but can catch it while walking off and standing backstage? Oh, and half the string section was wearing masks. Of course, we all know you can give someone Covid while playing the violin but not blowing the oboe.

Anyway, nevermind the he conducts in leggings, does weird shit with masks, and most infuriatingly has to turn Beethoven into some sort of social justice warrior. When he's actually just conducting the orchestra, he's actually terrific. Another great show!

Next up, November 9: Beethoven's 8th & 7th Symphonies (of course, with some contemporary piece sandwiched in middle. (We already had the global warming piece, so I guess this is probably about transphobia or affirmative action or why everyone should wear masks for the rest of their lives.)

DJ and I once went to the 7th & 8th a few years ago in Lincoln Center. Like most people, DJ prefers the 7th. It's really famous and popular. The 8th is Beethoven's shortest symphony and not nearly as famous. I am in the minority: I'm actually going because of the 8th. I really like it. I have little use for the 7th.

So what'll it be, Matinee Dave? You in for a night show this time or out again?

 : Yesterday at 05:59:03 PM 
titoli - drinkanddestroy
Yeah, never heard it before.

I do recall Frayling saying that though it?s supposed to be the soldier Arch Stanton, it?s actually a female skeleton. But never heard about whether it?s a real skeleton of a real actress etc.

 : Yesterday at 05:00:35 PM 
titoli - dave jenkins
Erickson on the new blu:
The surprise extra on High Sierra is its ?transposed? 1949 remake as a western, starring Joel McCrea and also directed by Raoul Walsh. The excellent but less well-remembered Colorado Territory is presented in an excellent HD transfer but not restored: a few scratches and minor flaws remain, plus an occasional missing frame or two. It still plays well ? some viewers may prefer it to the Humphrey Bogart classic.

Edmund H. North and John Twist?s adaptation uses the ?bust out? phrase but performs alterations to suit the western setting and the specific actors. The fundamentally ethical Joel McCrea is in the lead, so his Wes McQueen is not a burnt-out case but a convict who has acquired some perspective about his profession: McQueen desires to make one big score and then quietly retire. Escaping from jail, he befriends a farmer and daughter uprooted from the Midwest (Henry Hull and Dorothy Malone). Many of the particulars are the same, especially McQueen?s relationship with a hard-luck dame attached to his new gang, Colorado Carson (Virginia Mayo). Wes soon realizes that she is the only person he can trust.

The screenplay reflect ten years of films noir influence. John Archer and James Mitchell are openly treacherous fellow thieves. A cool hand at dealing with backstabbing creeps, Wes easily turns the tables on them and prevails. But he misjudges the farm girl, and by the time he realizes that Colorado is the girl for him, the law is close on his trail. I can honestly picture Joseph H. Lewis or Dalton Trumbo seeing the powerful conclusion of Colorado Territory as an inspiration for their lovers-on-the-run noir Gun Crazy.

Raoul Walsh directs Colorado Territory with his usual no-nonsense clarity. The film?s edge is not as hard as that of the director?s White Heat but it is clearly an ?adult? western drama. The harsh fate dealt out to two of the double-crossers is disturbingly cold ? one moment they?re making plans to cooperate with the law, and the next time we see them they?ve already been lynched, without a trial.

The finale at a cliff-side Indian dwelling is similar to the rocky finish in High Sierra but with vital differences. Wes and Colorado fall into a trap only because the sheriff (Morris Ankrum) is unusually clever. Things just happen when men take their chances with the law. Short, sweet, no excuses. Colorado Territory is a solid picture.

With no cute dog to gum up the works, the film?s sentimentality is reserved for a padre who wants to marry the romantic fugitives. He might be there as insurance against the censors, what with Wes and Colorado never actually repenting their evil ways. Interestingly, the final disposition of the robbery loot is left up in the air, or in this case, forgotten atop a confessional booth. Let?s drive to New Mexico this summer ? maybe it?s still there!

 : Yesterday at 01:16:57 PM 
titoli - titoli

I had never heard of this before and I don't know what is the source either. Anyway, the skeleton looks as bogus as hell.

 : Yesterday at 12:43:08 AM 
uncknown - titoli

 : October 23, 2021, 10:22:40 PM 
uncknown - uncknown
Garkko is gone and so is any trace of originality.
One good gag in the first scene where he doses dynamite by shooting a flying canteen!

Otherwise, it's a retread of the first film right down to the incomprehensible and double crosses.

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