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May 30, 2023, 08:13:57 PM

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 : Today at 07:42:50 PM 
PowerRR - dave jenkins
Nobody (2021) - 8/10. A History of Violence meets John Wick . . . and the laughs never stop. This is a film with a moral, too: "the family that slays together, stays together." Great to see those icons from the 80s back in action again, Christopher Lloyd and Michael Ironside. And Bob Odenkirk (OdenWick?) . . . an action star? Who knew? Somewhere Chekhov uttered the dictim: when you show a Claymore mine at the beginning of Act 3, it must go off by the end of the picture. Happily, this film follows that rule.
Another watch: LMAO.

 : Today at 07:30:55 PM 
Jenko Morningstar - affectedrace
I eagerly anticipated it. The very last return! maybe referring to Shane. Simply to match the lip gestures, it was inserted.

 : Today at 07:22:42 PM 
Picabo - babypreach
Thanks for the video it was very helpful to me.

 : Today at 05:22:41 PM 
drinkanddestroy - dave jenkins
Gotta hand it to you--that actor you hired to play him at our October meet-up last year did such a good job it kept me fooled for weeks.

 : Today at 05:20:08 PM 
PowerRR - dave jenkins
The Human Jungle (1954) - 9/10. Best policier I've ever seen. That's because of the cast: Emile Meyer, Gary Merrill, Regis Toomey, Chuck Conners, Paula Raymond, and the amazing Jan Sterling (who adds a strip act--sorta--to her usual mouthy routine). But the standout performance here is the actor playing Mr. Big: Florenz Ames (WHO???). Fantastic final location climax at the Pabst Blue Ribbon bottling plant in LA.

 : Today at 06:29:41 AM 
drinkanddestroy - noodles_leone
I have to confess Roy and his totally random taste in movies isn't my best creation.

 : Today at 06:28:30 AM 
noodles_leone - noodles_leone
Dude you have weird fights  ;D

 : Today at 06:13:33 AM 
drinkanddestroy - dave jenkins
That might also explain why we haven't heard from PowerRR lately. Gone . . . as though he never existed!

 : Today at 05:41:20 AM 
noodles_leone - Cusser
Artificial Intelligence????

With what I've seen lately with what Bud Light, Target, Disney, etc. did - it seems there isn't any REAL intelligence out there anyway !!!

 : Today at 05:17:21 AM 
noodles_leone - noodles_leone
Problem is there won't be a Leone and his collaborators to direct him.

There won't even be anything "thinking" behind it because AS OF TODAY, the technologies i'm talking about are focused on creating something that is "coherent" with everything it "knows" (aka the database it was trained on, filtered through the prompt you input). So it's not thinking. It doesn't even know it's creating, it's trying to reproduce existing codes and structures. It may change as other technologies take over (some are trying right now) but that's the state of affairs at the time of writing.

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