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July 24, 2024, 09:37:21 PM

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 : Today at 07:20:21 PM 
Belkin - deadied
The spaghetti western that outgrossed all of Sergio Leone's movies on the international market is "Django" (1966), directed by Sergio Corbucci waves. This film became a massive hit and is often credited with popularizing the spaghetti western genre alongside Leone's films.

 : Today at 07:33:02 AM 
DJIMBO - Cusser
I admit that I saw A Stranger in Town and The Stranger Returns as a double bill back in the late 1960s.  The Stranger Returns was significantly better.

Note that the title was a take-off from the working title of Fistful of Dollars, which was The Mysterious Stranger.

 : Today at 07:29:13 AM 
poderator - Cusser
Would "Play Me the Tune of Death" be the better sounding title?
I don't think that title would've helped fill seats in the USA in 1969.  I saw it then, and Paramount/theaters placed this second-tier in small theaters with no support, at least in Phoenix AZ.

However, I think it would be better if Frank said "Play me the song of death".  And second choice might've been "Keep your ever-lovin' father happy"

Of course, I also think that in GBU that Angel Eyes' note should've read "Adios idiots" rather than "see you soon, idiots"...but since we never saw on trailers before seeing this in 1968, as a 15-year-old I was surprised when Angel Eyes showed up at the cemetery.  Of course, if one had seen the trailer he'd be aware there would be a 3-way stand-off....

I feel trailers (1) typically show too much  (2) if the trailer is bad, that tells me the film is junk.  I don't want to know anything about a film's end/climax before watching....

 : Today at 12:01:00 AM 
poderator - stanton
Would "Play Me the Tune of Death" be the better sounding title?

 : Yesterday at 11:59:33 PM 
THE BIG MAN - stanton
With KI it should be possible to bring them in good shape.

 : Yesterday at 11:58:19 PM 
DJIMBO - stanton
A well made FoD variation with a strong Frank Wolff as the hero's charismatic antagonist. A fair man in a fair film. 7/10

I didn't liked Tony Anthony on the first watch, but meanwhile I can enjoy him, and Luigi Vanzi's 2 sequels are also recommended. And of course Anthony's best Spag the rabid Blindman.

 : Yesterday at 05:04:47 PM 
DJIMBO - moorman
Meh, boo, I couldn't wait till this was over.  2 out of 10.  Half watched it on TCM.

 : Yesterday at 01:00:02 PM 
PowerRR - T.H.
Soldier Blue (1970) - Had this been 15 minutes shorter, and replaced the mostly awful music, and maybe recast the leads (think Jeff Bridges & Susan George), it could have been something special. Instead, it's a flawed movie with some memorable moments, obviously.  C+

Trackdown (1976) - Though it came out a few years before Hardcore (1979), this is the nasty B movie, exploitation version, and it's pretty damn good if you can stomach some rough moments. While they could have cast a better actor than James Mitchum, at least he looks exactly like Robert Mitchum. The shootout in the elevators was clever, and the climax should have built off of that sequence. Instead, things get a little wonky, but this movie delivers.  B

 : Yesterday at 10:49:11 AM 
PowerRR - Jill
Rewatched A Fistful of Dollars again (after many years)

9/10 (only because there are even better ones to come)

Still such a delight.

 : July 22, 2024, 04:15:25 PM 
THE BIG MAN - Novecento
Good point. What happened to all those other scenes that supposedly exist in some state or another?

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