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: Music in films  ( 9912 )
shorty larsen
Bounty Killer
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Agachate tonto

« #15 : May 15, 2005, 12:12:43 PM »

I agree on Spielberg and Williams and let me include Herzog and Popol Vuh (Florian Frocke) collaboration.

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What about me?

« #16 : May 16, 2005, 07:11:34 PM »

In my opinion, no director appart Leone ever made such a symbiosis between the music and the film. Especially for the first three Leone Westerns. The duo Leone / Morricone has never been overtoped in my opinion. And as far as I'm concerned, Morricone 's work on the first three Leone westerns is his best (Dynamite and OUATIA are a bit under according to me). Even if Morricone did thousand of other soundtracks, they haven't this "immediate appeal". Evidently, it has to do with the fact that Leone gave the music extreme importance: I don't see many director who gave so much place to music: in Leone's film,the music isn't made for the movie, this the movie wich is made for the music (it's so true that Leone played the soundtracks on th set) and everything, every move and effect is planned with music in mind. And Leone also knew how to use silence too, wich few dircectors know nowaday and even yesterday. And at last : the director and the composer works were totally in phase as both were litterally soaked by Latin culture. In the other movies things often go so fast that you haven't the time to listen the music, if you ever notice it...Or the most memorable is only the generic, the rest beeing less noticeable, like in Star War.

 So here is my question:have you got any example of films where music and films worked so effectively as in Leone westerns? Some example of such a tandem: director/ music composer who did such a great job?

FYI, I published an article on the Leone/Morricone collaboration in Film Score Monthly
There have been many fruitful director/composer collaborations but none to compare with the above.

Two worth mentioning: Oliver Stone/John Williams (JFK< NIXON< BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY)

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My article on the restoration of the The Big Gundown
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Ever the facetious one

« #17 : May 17, 2005, 03:38:03 AM »

Good point on Herzog/Popol Vuh. Another good 'un:

Kurosawa and Hanasaku (pre-1955 films)
Kurosawa and Sato (1955 onwards)

A general point about Morricone/Leone, their collaborations are also the only examples I can think of in film where parts of the score have been used, not just to underscore mood and action, but also almost as punctuation in the rhythm of the flim - for example the "twang" when Mortimer opens his stash of guns near the beginning of FFDM, or the "Aiee-aiee-aaah" when someone gets a surprise in GBU.

It's class.

« #18 : June 05, 2005, 10:08:10 AM »

I have to agree. I bought the GBU soundtrack and love it!!
Even George Lucas, the most famous driector and famous for his music in his films comes no where close to Morricone and Leone.  The ending show down at the cemetary in GBU would be worth nothing without Morricone's music.  Builds such a passion and mood for the sceen. That has to be my favorite 5 minutes 2 seconds of all time. I'm only disapointed they didn't include the gun shot sounding clips in the soundtrack.

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