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: Fistful of dollars trailer  ( 8311 )
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« : April 06, 2003, 09:39:30 AM »

I'm a student at university and i have 2 do a trailer for a film so i choese this one and i have to edit it tomorrow and tuesday. I'm a huge leone fan (not fat just enthusiastic) and i have a good idea of what i'm going 2 do for it. It has 2 be between 2 mins 30 secs and 3 mins. Just wondered what other leone fans would like to see in a trailer for a fistful of dollars and what ideas they would do. Ive got the trailer from the dvd but that bascially just shows all the action bits from the film and they go with the whole man with no name thing. I'm gonna basically tell the story of the film in it but not showing all the action, i've got the soundtrack myself so that'll be used and i won't be using talkovers just dialogue from the film. Just curious what you think.

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« #1 : April 06, 2003, 03:05:10 PM »

Nice project.
It's not very usual to tell the story of the film in a trailer, because that may undermine a person's need to see the entire film. Plus you might end up making an unexciting trailer by being too literal to the plot. Trailers are ususally free-form, based on connections of ideas and images, but not necessarily in the order they appear in the film. Everyone would do it differently, because everyone sees different things in a film that appeal to them. One thing's for sure, you always show the best bits.
I'm glad you're going to do it without voice-overs. I hope you don't do it with all those fashionable quick-fades to black after every shot like they do now, though!

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Life is funnier than shit.

« #2 : April 06, 2003, 03:38:22 PM »

i'm only going to tell the story like that as a homage to leone. Because i don't want to do it as a come and see the film type trailer, showing the best bits and that. I will be doing a lot of editing with it and build to a climax, but without showing clint killing everyone like in the us tariler which for me just ruins it. I'll be showing alot of shooting and whatever but without seeing a lot of people getting killed. Because i hate it when you watch a film after you've seen the trailer and it shows a person getting shot or whatever and you're near to the end of the film and that part hasn't happened yet and you know it's coming it just ruins it. I'm not telling the story literally, it's a story for the trailer which doesn't necessarily run the same as the film but shows what the films about and what you expect from it. But at the same time showing what the main story is. I want to do a different trailer than a purely advertisement one to get people to come and see the film which is there purpose. The actual subject is editing techniques so that's why i want to do a homage to leone type thing rather than a promotional venture for the film.
Thanks for your opinion though i know what you mean.

The reason you became a priest is because you were too much of a coward to do what i do.

« #3 : April 09, 2003, 02:49:58 PM »

That is a cool idea. Good luck with it. Unfortunately, I don't have any other ideas, but yours sound good, though. 8)

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« #4 : June 09, 2004, 09:29:19 PM »

I have an idea: you could start out with showing clips of later Leone films and have something that says "Before Harmonica settled the score with Frank", "Before Tuco found the gold", "And before justice was brought upon Indio"............"There was a Fistful."

And you could interchange different clips with sentences like "A Fistful of Insults" (show the scene where Clint talks about how his mule feels insulted), "A Fistful of Killings" (don't specifically show main characters being killed, maybe just show the guys being machine gunned), "A Fistful of Consequences" (show Clint being beaten up and hiding), and the final frames will say "Which all leads to......."    



« #5 : July 07, 2004, 04:32:50 AM »

EXTREME close-up shots of the rojo gang laughing uncontrollably  ;D while super-imposed over leone's ricocheing bullets,
 ramone's machine-gun burping up more bullets for
30-40 seconds until the screen falls black. silence. except,  the ringing of a very large solitary bell.


« : July 07, 2004, 03:39:25 PM KERMIT »
Road Apple
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Watch me.

« #6 : July 14, 2004, 08:42:46 AM »

End or begin it with Eastwood walking out of the smoke cloud at the end.

General Sibley
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« #7 : July 14, 2004, 05:38:44 PM »

The Voice of God doing the voiceover:

"The Rojo's on the one side":  closeups of Don Miguel, Esteban and Ramon - all laughing dementedly of course


"The Baxter's on the other side":  Consuelo bitchslapping the son, Senor Baxter in his fancy vest


"And one man in the middle":  Joe saying "get 3 coffins ready"

Then quick cuts to 4 Rubio to Ramon rifle tosses, Ramon gattling down the army, the Baxters being smoked out of their ill-designed mansion, the 5 Rojo's lining up for the final showdown, and then BOOM Joe walking out of a dynamite blast and cloud of dust

....Voice of God again, "For a Fistful of Dollars" with the whistling theme playing

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