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: Un dollaro bucato aka One Silver Dollar (1965)  ( 5916 )
Marco Leone
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« : September 20, 2005, 12:44:59 PM »

Its taken pretty much a week to get around to writing it, and its more brief than normal, but here are my thoughts on.....

Confederate soldier Gary O'Hara (Guiliano Gemma) and his brother Phil are released from a prisoner of war camp following the end of the civil war, the barrels of their guns removed by their captors. Gary returns home to his wife Judy (Evelyn Stewart) whilst Phil is not ready to live such a quiet life and heads off west.

Gary soon decides to follow his brother to the town of Yellowstone, and to find work to support his family. On arrival, his combat prowess is soon put to practice, which brings him to the attention of local banker McCory (Pierre Cressoy). McCory offers him a ranch and money if he can kill local outlaw Blacky, which he agrees to do. Gary is taken to the local saloon and advised that Blacky is the man at the bar with his back to him. On confrontation, Blacky turns around, firing his gun - and revealing himself to be Phil O'Hara. McCory and his men open fire, leaving both brothers dead.

By a stroke of good fortune, Gary survives the ambush, his life saved by the single silver dollar in his pocket. He sets out to discover why McCory wanted Blacky dead, and to aid the local villagers that are suffering at the hands of a group of marauding bandits. Meanwhile, Judy O'Hara travels to Yellowstone in search of her husband, and soon finds herself in the unwelcome company of McCory.

As with Gemma's role in his two Ringo films, the character of Gary O'Hara would sit quite comfortably in an American made western. This is no bad thing, and he does always make for a likable hero. The same point could be levelled at the film in general - it is a likable flick, with a true old American western feel. That said, Ferrio's enjoyable whistled score clearly sits within the euro-western genre, and it does share a level of violence with its fellow Italian movies.

The story itself has a few clich├ęs (for one thing, a fair few screen characters have been saved over the years by an inanimate object conveniently placed on their person) but does that really matter? Clearly not. And there are some great scenes, particularly both the opening (great gun-play as the brothers are released) and final sequence. From a personal perspective, I was also intrigued to note a great visual likeness between Evelyn Stewart and my own girlfriend!!! Not that that should be of any real relevance to this write up.

In summary, this is one of those nice easy to watch movies (legs up on the sofa, with a wine or beer for company), and certainly worth a few silver dollars of anyones money.

If anyone has seen it, I'd be grateful if you could post your vote at My Euro Western Website - (includes Reviews, Actor information and Spaghetti Western Generator)
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« #1 : April 06, 2009, 08:34:30 AM »

The movie is good until Gemma's apparent demise. And, as said in the review above, the last scene is good also. But the problem is that the hour inbetween is full of plot loopholes and inconsistencies (basically: nobody gets rid od his enemies when he has the chance to do it easily. Expecially when Gemma can get rid of the gang at the start but doesn't for a very inconsistent reason). And, as said above, the Ferrio's main them is whistleble: only it is performed by a trumpet! 6\10

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« #2 : April 06, 2009, 01:39:53 PM »

I liked this one very much on my initial viewing.
Certainly the best of the director's "Gemma trilogy".
Its first sequel is good but too excessive (it basically throws a butt load of good ideas out there but doesn't flesh it out) and the last sequel is just kind've a bland American western but without the good performances.

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« #3 : November 11, 2009, 06:12:41 PM »

I saw this once or twice as a kid and liked it very much. Nothing to be surprised; I preferred Giuliano Gemma to pretty much all the other SW actors except maybe for the tandem Hill - Spencer. He had that face a kid likes in his younger days. After today's re-watch I wasn't disappointed so much, but I can't pretend it's as great as I remembered. It's the kind of movie that is easy to watch if you're looking for a watchable SW to kill the evening, not so much if you're not a fan of the (sub)genre. There's a couple of rather typical SW gimmicks that are always welcome and that raise the overall rating, but again; don't expect it to be GBU. I think the reason why it doesn't come great is they, yet again, had too many characters and different things going on there, and not enough resources to focus on all. So you have the gang, O'Hara, McCoy, Donaldson, the Sheriff, and all the others intermittently running around those 3 or 4 locations, meeting each other, talking, just ''doing something'' (while doing nothing concrete) to fill the time till the final rendez-vous. And it must go through your head how they could have ended the whole business earlier, in about an hour... or payed some more money in order to shoot on real Western locations. :D

Again a recommendation, but again not for everyone.


« : November 11, 2009, 06:14:21 PM Dust Devil »

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