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November 30, 2022, 10:36:57 AM

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: Massacre Time (Le colt cantarono la morte e fu...tempo di massacro)(1966)  ( 29298 )
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« #45 : April 11, 2008, 02:56:52 AM »

Congrats to your college! He was right about Kinski.

Congratulations to Dave Jenkins, who spurned  us to seek the truth!

Anyway, the congrats to my colleague are not due because he couldn't have been wrong, as  he doesn't suffer from hallucinatory processes and is a Kinski's fan.   

Bounty Killer
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« #46 : January 27, 2021, 03:06:54 AM »

After rewatching Massacre Time I like the film more, but it still has its flaws.

The plot has indeed as much holes as Blackburn Lancashire.
Not a greater problem in some films, but here are a lot of unanswered "Why"? questions which could have deepened the relationships between the characters and which could have made several parts work.

Strange that the man hunt of the first scene isn't used again.

The locations are often poor, as was the production design.

There are several funny continuity errors, most amazing is the (supposed) big ranch of the baddies, which is at first only a small building (one particular house you can find in many, many of the Spags shot in Italy), which then turns magically into a big hacienda style estate.

Fulci, who spent nearly the whole 60s with comedies, made with this film quite a change and presented here for the first time his cinema of cruelty. He maybe wasn't the greatest talent in the SW genre, as his 2 other westerns also show, but he was competent enough.

The most memorable scenes and shots are not necessarily the typically western ones. Especially the first and the last shots of the movie.

The final shoot-out is ok but not great, but there was a frenetic presentation of violence which was quite unique for its time.

Nero looks younger and not as Djangoish as in Django and Texas addio. Sometimes he wears a Djangolike black cape, and then he's closer in his looks to Eastwood with a sheepskin vest.

Hilton is not too believable as drunk, but he has his moments. It's one of the plot holes that he should be a drunk, but in the next scene he shows that he could have erased the whole countryside single handedly.

Nino Castelnuovo is an impressive maniac, and I especially like him smirking with his head cocked.

The film was marketed as a Django sequel in Germany (a "true Django"), and was a similar success here like the Corbucci film and Texas Adios (another "true Django"). Directly compared with Django Fulci never reaches the brilliance of Corbucci at his best.

None the less an entertaining enough flic which has its moments. 6/10

« : January 27, 2021, 03:29:17 AM stanton »

Bounty Killer
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What about me?

« #47 : December 07, 2021, 01:24:42 AM »

Above average Italian Western.
Well directed action sequences, played straight and surprisingly explicit violence.
Excellent score and song. Two good leads.
Like many post- FISTFUL films, it lifts elements from the Eastwood films.. But, the script is also unpredictable which is a nice surprise.


Btw the Arrow bluray has an extensive interview with Nero.
He reveals that he , Volonte and other contemporaries didn't dub their own parts, even I n the Italian language versions!

"Other Morton's will come along  and they'll kill it off"

My article on the restoration of the The Big Gundown
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