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« #15 : July 09, 2007, 12:06:25 AM »

Revised review for "It can be done amigo"

("Slam bang action"? WHERE!?)

My experience with comedy spag westerns have always been pleasent. They have always been surprisingly funny. Even the ones that were unfunny had a certain charm to them that kept the film from falling apart (Except for "Trinity is still my name" :(). However this mess falls apart from the moment it starts. We have Bud Spencer as the lead and Jack palance as the villian. Spencers character is being chased by the psychotic Palance across the desert for reasons that are unknown to the audience for the moment. It is later discovered that Spencer slept with Palance's sister, now Palance wants to force the two into marriage and Spencer wants no part in it. Along the way Spencer runs into a dying old man whose last wishes are to escort his grandson to a property that he owns which also includes a supposed "vast fortune". Reluctantly Spencer accepts. The boy and Spencer reach the property only to find out it is a dilapidated mess. The sheriff of the town shows up and suspiciously asks to buy the run-down property for 5,000 dollars. The boy refuses much to Spencer's dismay. Now anybody can figure out by this point that the property is probably sitting on a gold mine, but this does not dawn on our hero at the moment. So now we must be subjected to a full half hour of joining Spencer walking around town asking folks about the property to see why the sheriff would ask so much for it. So we have to sit through a mini mystery which we already know the outcome too........Y-A-W-N. And not only is it boring, it completly stops the movie dead in its tracks(had it actually gotten movie in the first place!). You totally forget about the Jack Palances character, who just happens to be the only element that makes this film watchable. He is nowhere to be seen for a full 30 minutes!

Back to story---

 Finally a hooker tells Spencer there has been a rumor that "dar be gold in dem hills". To bad the audience was way too ahead of the film to actually be surprised.

after the little "mini mystery" the plot gets going again and jack palance finally shows up and forces spencer to marry his sister. It all ends in a big climax where the greedy sheriff's deputies go to try to "land grab" the property that is owned by spencers child friend. Srangely enough, there is no gunfight...some how all of the deputies pistols malfunction all at once(this is never explained) and they end up having a big fist fight with Spencer.
To top this embarassing film off there is an unfunny(and borderline insultive) "wife beating joke" at the very end.

oh and by the way...the hidden gold of the property turns out to be the black kind.

Bud spencer: I have always had my suspicion that Bud was never able to carry a comedic role without Terence Hill. My suspicion have been confirmed.

The Music: I must admit I forgot who composed the music, i believe it was either Bruno nicolai or Luis e. bacalov. either way, those two are usually reliable, and they fail miserably here.

needless to say...DONT BOTHER WITH THIS FILM!



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