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« #30 : July 26, 2009, 10:12:12 AM »

It's a very silly "principle" to my way of thinking, considering that:

a) it wasn't a direct use of the MWAH piece

You're saying what, exactly? That they used it ''indirectly'' ? What does ''indirectly'' mean anyway? If it means what I think you think it means, than I think you're wrong. Anyone who watches and listens that scene easily recognizes where it originally comes from (if he/she previously saw OUATITW, of course).

b) it was an affectionate homage by a filmmaker/composer who admire Leone/Morricone

I don't know that, but let's say I believe it.

c) it was one scene that lasted barely a minute in a two-and-a-half-hour movie

That's true, but it wasn't just any scene, it was a focal scene showing the confrontation of all those characters, am I wrong?

d) you would have to apply this principle to the dozens of other films, TV shows, and commercials that use faux-Morricone music and Leone parodies

Well, tell you what, I actually would. I wouldn't allow them to make money using it, at least not without paying first. For sketches and other things like; that's a different story in my book.

e) Leone himself was filled to bursting with homages and entire scenarios lifted directly from American Westerns - including several pieces of music (like the trumpet theme in FOD vis-a-vis the duegello in Rio Bravo) very similar to pre-existing pieces from other films.

I think I said something among those lines in a previous post.

Seems a mite silly and hypocritical to me to be complaining about this. Would you complain about the FOD theme being "plagarism" or "stealing" from Dimitri Tiomkin? I doubt that, unless you can explain the difference.

I am a hypocrite like everybody else, unfortunately. We're all people I'm afraid. You see, for example, I'm a big fan of the Indiana Jones series, that is far worse in that matter than this POC series, or at least very close. But, I was a kid when I first watched them, and couldn't know the connections and everything else between Indie and like a 100 other movies, stories or characters, if I was watching it now it would be different, I'd probably say what I said about the POC series: ''it's good for kids, festivals and TV, but it's obvious this is far from something I'd call a great movie'', let alone go around arguing with people who didn't like all the ''homages''.

You see, not only did the POC series make millions and millions on various things in it's screenplay that bear strong resemblance to many other similar movies and stories, not only were all those things used in a disrespectful, cheesy, uninspired and above all stupid way, but on top of that they're using a piece of music from a movie (that happens to be one of my favorites) that was destroyed before it was even released in the US. The irony.

So, to conclude all this, maybe it was intended as a respectful ''whatever'' from the main faces of the movie, maybe Mr. Morricone even allowed it, but given all the circumstances mentioned above, it just doesn't seem bloody right to me.

« : July 26, 2009, 10:14:54 AM Dust Devil »

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« #31 : July 26, 2009, 10:45:23 AM »

Then it seems like a personal rather than a logical complaint, just because such a homage happens to exist in a film you happen not to like. You can make an argument about Leone's homages, but Morricone's "borrowing" of the deguello from Rio Bravo isn't any different to my way of thinking than this deliberate, affectionate and admitted homage - except that Morricone never admitted to using this piece as inspiration, unlike Zimmer. And is it so hard to understand that it's NOT THE SAME PIECE OF MUSIC!?!

Even a small amount of research will show Zimmer's admiration for Morricone (I believe someone posted a video along these lines on this very board), and Gore Verbinski has claimed the Leone films as among his favorites in at least one interview. So this isn't just a supposition that it's an affectionate nod to a director/composer the above admired. I don't expect you necessarily should be familiar with these interviews/opinions of theirs, but claiming intent when you know nothing is something else entirely (this goes for the clown who started the thread as well).

I'm not gonna argue with you if your argument boils down to "I don't like this movie (even though you haven't seen it), ergo it's wrong for them to "steal"." I don't much like FOD and I'm not posting threads about Morricone's "stealing" of the Rio Bravo piece on that board.

« : July 26, 2009, 11:07:01 AM Groggy »

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